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Subject: [...sgi.announce: Low Cost, High Performance Microprocessor Now Shipping; Desktop and Notebook PCs Designs Demonstrated]
From: Miles Bader <miles@cogsci.edinburgh.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 93 12:35:12 GMT
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Subject: Low Cost, High Performance Microprocessor Now Shipping; Desktop and 
Notebook PCs Designs Demonstrated
Date: 17 Nov 1993 21:47:49 GMT

This release was issued today and went over the wire at 12:02p.m. PST.

[This press release has been slightly edited to remove any blatant commerical
aspects. MJW:moderator]


LAS VEGAS, Nevada-November 16, 1993 -MIPS Technologies, Inc. today announced
and demonstrated reference designs for systems manufacturers to build
high-performance, cost-effective desktop and notebook personal computers based
on the MIPS R4200(tm) 64-bit RISC microprocessor for the Microsoft Windows NT
operating system.  The R4200 provides similar performance to Intel's Pentium
for under one-tenth the power dissipation.  The R4200 is now shipping in
sample quantities.  R4200-based notebook and desktop computers are on display
at Comdex in the MIPS Technologies booth (L-1492), with an additional notebook
in the NEC Electronics booth (L-2636).

The R4200 operates at a clock speed of 80 MHz with integer computational
performance of 55 SPECint92.  The processor supports Windows NT and the Unix
operating system.  A second version of the processor running at 100 MHz is
scheduled for release in early in 1994, providing even higher performance but
remaining a low-power consumption, under-$100 processor.

The R4200 features advanced power management for use in "green" Energy
Star-compliant computers and notebook computers designed for long battery life.
At full power, the R4200 runs at only 1.5 watts.  To save energy, in periods
of low activity, the processor switches to reduced power mode.  In this mode,
the R4200 operates at one-quarter power.  During longer periods of inactivity
the processor "powers down."  When reactivated, the "Instant-On" capability
allows the system to restore the processor to its executing state quickly.

The reference designs can enable manufacturers to readily build affordable PCs
based on the R4200 which take full advantage of the processor's performance,
low cost and low power requirements.  There are four R4200 reference designs: 
a notebook designed for high-performance, a notebook emphasizing long battery
life, a desktop designed for high-performance and a low cost desktop. These
four reference designs complement the more than five existing reference designs
for MIPS-based PCs.  In addition to desktop and notebook PCs, the R4200 and
derivative core products are ideally suited for use in hand-held and other
consumer products as well as other embedded applications such as laser printer
controllers, X-terminals and communications devices.

"The low cost and high performance of the MIPS R4200 opens up new worlds of
computers and consumer devices," said Tom Whiteside, president of MIPS
Technologies.  "With the R4200, companies can cost effectively deliver the
power needed to take advantage of interactive multimedia or Windows NT

Windows NT was developed on the MIPS architecture, and MIPS-based PCs are
designed to run Windows NT optimally and offer the highest performance at
prices comparable to 486-based PCs.  MIPS-based PCs smoothly run existing
MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows application software, but their power becomes
especially apparent with 32-bit Windows NT applications.  New 32-bit
applications are now becoming available.
- end -

MIPS is a registered trademark, and R4200 is a trademark of MIPS Technologies,
Pentium is a trademark and Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.
Windows NT is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
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