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Re: riscy status

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Subject: Re: riscy status
From: Amos Shapira <amoss@cs.huji.ac.il>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1993 12:20:54 +0200
In-reply-to: Your message of Mon, 15 Nov 1993 05:03:24 -0500 . <199311150958.AA05420@osf.uci.kun.nl>
Sender: amoss@CS.HUJI.AC.IL
ronald@osf.uci.kun.nl (Ronald Schalk) writes:
|> If ya want to upgrade the pc get the 4400 or 4000 pin compatible upgrade.
|On a sideline: how difficult will it be to make some kind of daughtercard?
|Dec just announced such a beast, it'll work with 486,586 (oh sorry pentium)
|and (in the future) Alpha. I don't know what's on the daughtercard, but I
|guess the cache and bios is on it, and of course some glue.

If it's relevant - SGI's Indy is coming with doughter cards so you can
change between R4000PC/R4000SC or any other card which might come out
in the future.

Could the technician from SGI/MTI (?) teach us about this option?

On a second though, adding a doughter card must be going to rise the
cost and time to design significally, isn't it?

All in all - the last message from Wuldorf sounds very encouraging. I just
hope we won't go again into the R4200 vs. ???? debate again and catch
this opporunity while it is valid.



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