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To: riscy@sunsite.unc.edu
Subject: News
From: Andreas Busse <andy@waldorf-gmbh.de>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 93 08:46:07 +0100
Hi there !

After riscy seems to work again, I can post what always
bounced for several days:


Hi Mipsers,

I've got some news regarding the NEC/MTI riscWS/EISA design.
By accident, someone at SGI/MTI US joined a Waldorf-specific
mailing list. What a luck, he has to do with the board designs !

I asked him for detailed information incl. part lists.
This is what he wrote:

> Hi Andy,
> I received your message and will try to send you some information very
> soon. Unfortunately, for the next 2-3 days things are very tight since
> we are trying to build machines and demos for Comdex. I will very much
> appreciate if you gave me until Mon-Tue next week to pull this together
> and send it to you. I hope this is okay with you.
> Thanks a lot and best regards
> [name deleted]
> P.S. - very briefly the riscWS/EISA kit is available from NEC (we used
>       to distribute it but handed over the responsibility to NEC recently)
>       It includes all board level design information that you mentioned in
>       your mail plus binaries of all s/w. To get the sources you may have
>       to another agreement (not a big deal). The cost is nominal - $3500
>       or $5000 per kit.
>       Magnum PC is basically the same design.
>       ..... more later.

Go and have a look at the Comdex !


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