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R4200 price

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Subject: R4200 price
From: Miles Bader <miles@cogsci.edinburgh.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 93 14:29:12 GMT
Blat: Foop
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Bill Broadley <broadley@edu.pitt.lrdc.neurocog> writes:
> We won't be able to get the 4200 at anywhere near $75 from what I heard,
> more like $250.

I guess y'all have probably seen this (I was apparently cut off the mailing
list when it moved to the new site so I haven't gotten anything for a while), 

machale@royalty.mti.sgi.com (James MacHale) writes in comp.arch:
> On October 18th NEC Electronics announced VR4200 samples available
> immediately. Samples were priced at approximately $80. Mass
> production scheduled for calendar Q.2 94.

How this price relates to the eventual price I don't know...

[I seem to recall hearing that the target price for the 4200
 was something absurd like $12...  Connection to reality: unknown]


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