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r4k chipsets.

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Subject: r4k chipsets.
From: tim@ubitrex.mb.ca (Tim Braun)
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 93 16:00:39 CDT
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From "Electronic Design", 93/7/22, p102

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Irvine CA, USA
announces the "Tigershark" R4000 - i486 bus interface
chipset.  Signals on the R4000 (doesn't say whether PC
or SC versions) "Sysadd and Syscmd buses are converted 
to a 32-bit local bus that's compatible with the 486 bus."
Two 160 lead pqfp packages.  Includes a secondary cache
controller for 64-1024KByte of external cache.  Sounds
like it's intended for the r4kpc variant (low-cost is
part of their target).

  US$65, 1k qty per set.
  Contact Jean-Claude Toma, (714) 455-2000

ATI is selling their Mach32 PCI bus chips.  Of course, we don't 
have PCI on the option list yet.  It's the 68800ax.  But
a Mach32 would be a reasonable graphics controller.

  US$55, 1k qty
  Contact Henry Quan, (416) 756-0718

Giving up that r3081 stuff, and joining the r4kpc push...
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