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arc100/150 kits

To: riscy@pyramid.com (Mips 3000)
Subject: arc100/150 kits
From: Bill Broadley <broadley@neurocog.lrdc.pitt.edu>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1993 09:36:31 -0500 (EDT)
Reply-to: riscy@pyramid.com
Sender: owner-riscy@pyramid.com
Sorry no new info just a few CLOSE looks at the 1 page description.

I believe they are simply 50 Mhz motherboards, with 5 ISA slots, and 8
simm slots.  

Also included are designs for 3 boards Ethernet/serial, Audio/mouse, video.

This kinda/sorta implies scsi is on the motherboard.

I'm not sure how making 3 boards instead of 1 effects price, or if this is at 
all accurate, but the pictures certainly look this way.

I suspect the video/audio/mouse/ethernet are included so that firmware
is compatible with WIndows NT, which this board seems to support.

Sorry I don't have more info.  The slot's pictured are definitely NOT VESA,
do EISA connectors look just like ISA or do they have an additional
connector like VESA does?  In any case the slots look like 1 piece 16 bit
ISA connectors.

So maybe there boards aren't the magic answer I hoped for, but the chips
on the board (MCT-ADR and MCT-DP) still look very useful.

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