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Re: Decision

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: Decision
From: Drew Eckhardt <drew@kinglear.cs.Colorado.EDU>
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 1993 03:49:25 -0600
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    1. We skip all R3x00 solutions. No matter how good, they will be
       obsolete by end of the year.

Agreed, especially given the technical issues (we probably have 
a suitable, integrated 4000 series chipset now, the same thing for
the 3051 family isn't shipping), performance inssues, and pricing
although this hasn't been formally verified.
    2. We should verify the NEC ARCset solution. If everything is fine
       and it isn't vaporware, it should be our choice.
       Verifying the ARCset means:
       - get *official* statements about price and availability
       - analyze it
       - buy it

IMHO, this is the most viable solution that we've seen that's actually
    3. We can then decide which CPU to use. Either NEC R4200 or
       IDT Orion. This depends on the price/power relations as
       well as on the availability. 

Agreed, the -design- will be essentially the same for the 
4200 and 4000PC/Orion (when available).

    4. If 2. fails for whatever reasons, we have to wait.
       I'm absolutely sure that there *will* be solutions
       around the various R4x00 CPUs. If not now, then later.
       I'm sure because of the growing Windows NT market.

Agreed, doing all of the support stuff ourselves would be too 
sloppy and the only other chips we've seen are 3051 family and 
either not shipping or unsuitable.
    Can we go this way ?

IMHO, definately.

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