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Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1993 17:18:15 -0500 (CDT)
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> I can't say how long it takes to make the hardware working, because it
> depends on what we want.
> Andy
We want the World and we want it NOW!  :-)

Turn the question around.  What would make you NOT want to
manufacture it?  How about a server sort of configuration:  no
video, no keyboard, just SCSI, Ethernet, and serial ports?  Or the
bare bone that some have suggested, processor, memory, and ISA
expansion bus?  How about R3051 instead of R4000?

The rest of you, too.  What would make you NOT want it?

As for me (while I'm on the soap box), I don't want an add-in board
to plug into a PeeCee, I want a single-board computer.  I'd buy it
if it had R3051E, memory, and that multi-I/O chip (what was it,
82C665?) with IDE, floppy, two serial and one parallel, but SCSI and
Ethernet would sure be nice.  Other folks will, I'm sure, demand a
keyboard port and video.  A truly open board design would have
some vacant real estate where the true hacker could add his own....

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