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Re: Mips Chips from NEC

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Subject: Re: Mips Chips from NEC
From: tim@ubitrex.mb.ca (Tim Braun)
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 93 14:16:35 CDT
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Just perusing the latest (July 22nd) EDN -

Fujitsu MB86932 SPARClite - US$79 - 20 MHz,  US$120 - 40 MHz, 5K qty.
  DRAM controller, 2 KByte D-cache, 8 KByte I-cache, "1 MFlop" (no
  FPU), 2 DMA channels, timer on-chip, address decoder on-chip, 
  interrupt controller.

Cyrix Cx486s2/50 - US$249, 1k qty (just for $ comparison).

DEC 21064 - Alpha - US$1096, 1k qty.  I don't think we're talking
  Alpha this year.

Intel Pentium - "less than $1000".

AT&T Hobbit - $100 CPU & chipset (5 chips). 10k qty.  No gcc.

TI uSPARC - US$179, 10k qty.  Offchip primary cache required.

I don't think we should use any of these, for various price and support
reasons.  But the price/performance issue is part of what's driving this
list, so perspective is helpful.  But that SPARClite (targetted at
embedded/X/laser printers) is interesting.   Hmmm, a $500 SS-2
motherboard?  I guess that's the Classic's price.

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