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Re: Mips Chips from NEC

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: Mips Chips from NEC
From: Bill Broadley <broadley@neurocog.lrdc.pitt.edu>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1993 12:40:44 -0500 (EDT)
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> Vendor        Clock   Chip    Price   SPECint92       SPECfp92
> unspecified   100     R4000SC 640     61.7            63.4
> unspecified   150     R4400SC 1120    88(est)         97(est)
> NEC           80      R4200   70      55              30
  IBM           66      601     350     55              80

Any reason the R4200 is being compared to the SC chips and not the PC?
Based on pin count alone I'd expect the PC at 179 pins to be a fair 
amount cheaper then the SC at 447 pins.  Or is the 4200 a SC??

How does the group feel this could come about?  Purchase the ARC 100 150
kits so that we can use there design (so we aren't limited to 40 Mhz)?

Apparently the powerpc 601 can use the RS/6000 port of GCC, I have several 
statements that the 601 will be supported in the next release.  Byte
magazine benchmarks the 601 with the GCC compiler.

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