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Re: Mips Chips from NEC

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: Mips Chips from NEC
From: Andreas Busse <andy@resi.waldorf-gmbh.de>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 93 10:36:37 +0200
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Sender: owner-riscy@pyramid.com
>    Yes, and the main difference between the R4200 and the other R4x00 CPUs
>    are that is *not* pincompatibel, that it has the old R3000 pipeline and
>    a simpler FPU. Note: This is what I've heard. I will receive data sheets
>    this week. Perhaps things have changed...
>    However, if the R4200 is no real R4x00 CPU I would suggest to use
>    one of the others, even if it is more expensive at the moment.
>    Are we going to build a R4000 machine now ? I would appreciate this !

> Prices and performance
> Notes : 
> 1.  Quantities were unspecified, in any case these prices are for 
>       more chips than we're looking to buy, and for small lots the 
>       distributor sets the price.
> 2.  All prices in US Dollars
> 3.  The figures for everything but the 4200 are from the July OEM magazine,
>       I don't know where the 4200 info originated, but several net.sources
>       said the same things.
> 4.  Clock speed is in Mhz, obviously these things run the internal clock
>       faster than external.
> Vendor                Clock   Chip    Price   SPECint92       SPECfp92
> unspecified   100     R4000SC 640     61.7            63.4
> unspecified   150     R4400SC 1120    88(est)         97(est)
> NEC           80      R4200   70      55              30

Ok, but you can't compare the SC versions with the R4200, so far I know.
In any case, I would suggest to use the PC version.
What I have heard from IDT ( *OFFICIAL* statement, no net mumble ) is
that the price for the R4400PC will be around $200 in low quantities.
As I said already, I'm waiting for the NEC-Prices. If there's in fact
still a large price difference between the R4200 and others: Yes, we
should then use the R4200.

> And, for comparison
> Intel         66      486     542     32.2            16.1
> Intel         66      Pentium 965     64.5            56.9
> Unquestionably, the R4200 gives the best price/performance of 
> any of these chips.  

> After we adpoted the motherboard idea and people started calling this
> thing a "workstation", a target price of $600-$700 was set.  It might
> be a little difficult to meet a price somewhere in that neighborhood 
> if we end up using a $640 chip...

We should try to get *real* prices, not just estimations.
Let us decide then, and don't let us confuse by unqualified
statements on the net. I totally agree that we should *not* try
to build a $2000 thing. Nobody would buy it, so nobody would
work in it. A price of around us$700 should be ok for a R4000
machine, isn't it ?


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