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Re: Mips on vesa

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Subject: Re: Mips on vesa
From: Peter Holzer <hp@quasi.vmars.tuwien.ac.at>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 93 15:35:29 MET DST
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You (Drew Eckhardt) wrote:
>     No, the original project was indeed, as Bill wrote, to build a card
>     with a MIPS processor and some memory to put into a PC. 
> If we're being pedantic, yes.  However, Neil quickly conceeded that we 
> needed a motherboard if we were going to get any performance out of the
> system as a whole, and all recent discussions have been about a system
> with a mother board.


> Like I said, the motherboard solution makes the most sense (performance
> and price wise) for the people who want a "workstation", ie the majority
> of the riscy list readers.


> For people wanting a *simple* solution *now* and not in six months, the 
> VESA board is the only viable choice.

Well, `now' is probably somewhat too optimistic, but I agree that it
will be completed in a lot less than 6 months, since all the necessary
parts are available, so all we have to do is design it. However, as you
said the majority of the risciers is interested in a workstation. How
many people could live with a vesa board? I certainly can't. I can
however wait for six months or even a year (of course by then there
might be R4000-based workstations available for similar cost).

> NEC's 4200 and chipset look like they're happening now and not in six
> months, so I'll talk to NEC today and see if I can get some information 
> on availability of their 4200 and chipset, as well as technical 
> specifications .

Hope you get something.


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