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Re: Mips on vesa

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Subject: Re: Mips on vesa
From: Peter Holzer <hp@quasi.vmars.tuwien.ac.at>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 93 14:36:13 MET DST
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You (Drew Eckhardt) wrote:
>     The original mips design seemed to be basically mips+simm slots 
>     on ISA bus and
> Not on an ISA bus, but with an ISA bus for people who insist on 
> having PC-compatable expansion slots. 

No, the original project was indeed, as Bill wrote, to build a card
with a MIPS processor and some memory to put into a PC. This was soon
changed to build a motherboard, however (But you should know that,
Drew. The first mail I got on this list was by Neil answering (among
other things) your claim that there isn't enough real estate on an isa

> IMHO, it seems to have been postponed because of
> 1. No suitable DMA/DRAM/peripherial controller is available - 
>       the 3730 isn't shipping and the Visual MOM chipset lacks 
>       support for slave mode DMA. (Has anyone looked at the 
>       NEC chipset?)
> 2.  The 4200 would be faster, and should be cheaper than the 
>       3081.  Availability at this point is questionable.$
> 3.  In 6-9 months, IDT ships the Orion, an R4000 compatable chip.
>       Also faster and cheaper than the 3081.

It seems so. But this happened only recently, whereas Bill was talking
about a decision made a month ago. But I don't like going back to the
mips+ram-on-a-card idea. I like it even less if its going to be a vesa
card. I have an old 25MHz 386 without vesa. When I buy a new computer
it it will either be a high-end 486 or some RISC workstation. I will
not buy a 486sx just to plug a crippled mips motherboard into it.


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