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Re: NEC Vr4400 and ARC manufacturing kits

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: NEC Vr4400 and ARC manufacturing kits
From: Alan Krantz <atk@agua.Colorado.EDU>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 93 02:52:31 MDT
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  Subject: Re: NEC Vr4400 and ARC manufacturing kits
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  Alan Krantz bubbles:

  > Three things: 
  >     1) It seems that the video should be a local bus card instead of
  >        on the mother board (given the rapidly changing/availbility) of
  >        cheap accelators (S3 boards are now around $130)
  >     2) Is the SCSI on the isa bus or main cpu board ?

  Video and scsi are on the main board.  Read the list's archives before
  commenting further, to save more noise.

I saw the original blurb that said this was the case - though it did not
explain why. Can someone give me an update why this option is better and 
what type of performance is expected from the built in video controller
(and compare it to some of the popular video cards). Also, will the built in 
video support a mono-chrome (only) frame buffer in addition to a colour one?

(I just joined the list the other day so if there was a long discussion on 
 this i did not see it)


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