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Re: NEC Vr4400 and ARC manufacturing kits

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Subject: Re: NEC Vr4400 and ARC manufacturing kits
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Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1993 12:48:08 -0500 (CDT)
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> I would imagine that the design from NEC is copyrighted such that we wouldn't
> make it generally available.  So it would take a company to buy the design
> and manufacture it.  Its then up to that company to make the price right
> for linux people to be interested.

Isn't this contrary to the whole point of this project?  Or have I
misunderstood what the goal was?

I thought the point was a computer distributed under the Free
Software Foundation General Public License.  I interpreted that to
mean that all the 'sources' had to be available to anyone who has
the board, and that no one could prevent anyone from copying the
sources for anyone else.  By sources I understood schematics, parts
list, board etch and drill drawings, whatever anyone skilled in the
art would want to have to change the design and post the patches in
Usenet News, or have any board fab shop make a batch of 'em.  Have I
missed the boat again?

'Free' is not the price tag.  If you want lots of MIPS cheap, buy a
three year old workstation [I just bought a DECstation 3100 for US$1250
:-) ].  If you want more MIPS less cheap, buy a new 486PC.  If you have
an even bigger appetite, and bigger pockets, get a new workstation from
a high-volume manufacturer.  You're still bound to get a lot more for
your money than a DIY project built in prototype quantities.

I never imagined that 'cheap' was the goal -- it's just not a
reasonable goal.  I thought the goal was freedom.

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