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Re: 3081+3730 worth it?

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: 3081+3730 worth it?
From: rohrer@fncrd8.fnal.gov (Keith Rohrer)
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1993 14:52:42 -0600 (CDT)
In-reply-to: <199307161929.AA23466@kinglear.cs.Colorado.EDU> from "Drew Eckhardt" at Jul 16, 93 01:29:19 pm
Reply-to: riscy@pyramid.com
Sender: owner-riscy@pyramid.com
>     > The only way I can believe this project might really fly is to stick 
> with
>     > easy to use parts and keep the design simple. Otherwise it will never 
> get
>     > done.
>     I agree I think the ide+floppy+uarts+parallel+game should go on the ISA.
> Inegrated ide+floppy+uarts+parallel+game on motherboard : 
> Takes the integrated chip, two 1488's and two 1489's and 
> appropriate conectors.
> ISA solution : 
> Full ISA requires 1.5 sets of address lines (latched and unlatched),
> several slave DMA channels, bus mastering support, variable bus sizing,
> etc. 
> If all people are going to do with the ISA bus is stick things
> that are missing on the motherboard in it, it's going to be cheaper
> and easier for us to grab the appropriate address lines, chipselects, etc 
> and connect them directly to the appropriate chips than it is for
> us to implement a full or even partial ISA bus implementation.
That's not the question.  The question is, is it cheaper to put ISA in than
it is to put everything anyone wants or will want before the board is
obsoleted on the board?  

> As to ISA for "expansion"  - in a workstation, I need ethernet, disk,
> tape, video, and serial ports.  For expansion, as long as I can add
> memory and disk as they get cheaper or my vendor "upgrades"
> his software, I'm happy and don't need any sort of card slots.
Ooh, yeah, that's it, get yourself a big old 5.25" FH drive, and a HH,
and a 3.5" HH, and a 3.5"x1", and a 2.5", and we'll program something
to knock the drive heads against the spindles to produce 44.1kHz digital
sound!  Get another set of drives and put them in another case for stereo!

Seriously, we do need a speaker port on the motherboard for joyful coming-
to-life beepings and scornful you-screwed-up-bigtime buzzings, or otherwise
just plain clues beyond "nothing happens when you turn it on", to be used
at least by the boot ROM when it does the self-check.  Sorta like
the kind of beeps you get when you have a card in the ISA bus not quite in
straight and shorting things... 



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