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Subject: Re: SIMMs
From: Bill Broadley <broadley@neurocog.lrdc.pitt.edu>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1993 16:49:07 -0500 (EDT)
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> You mean, buy the motherboard, let it sit in a closet until the following
> summer when I can afford the memory?  Depending on how layout goes, it might
> be good to have a daughtercard with (full-speed) simm sockets of x36 or x9,
> depending on the card or some of each.  If we have enough VLSI chips for
> the real work, board space may not be a problem, but beware also creeping
> featurism and overflowing the board with all the connectors for the things
> the wonder-chips will also do...

I have 16 MB of 4Mb x 9 simms.  I could probably get over $400 if I sold then
then buy 2 8 MB sims which would allow interleaved access at twice the
density (2 slots instead of 4).  In the future 8 slots could provide a 
maxmimum memory of 128 MB (4 times the density).  The motherboard would be 
smaller, cheaper, and interleaved memory would me much more flexible (i.e.
possible with 2 sims instead of 8 simms).

Unfortunately the 3730 doesn't support them 8-(

But I'll post my suggestion to that in a minute.

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