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Re: Ethernet stuff

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Subject: Re: Ethernet stuff
From: tim@ubitrex.mb.ca (Tim Braun)
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 93 20:21:18 CDT
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> From: adyer@zarniwoop.chi.il.us (Andrew Dyer)

> Most people skip the DC-DC converter for the AUI supply and just use
> a fuse and maybe a diode.

Which explains why someone reported big-time ground loop problems
on a multi-floor net.

We really should do it properly.  DC-DC for the AUI is my vote.  
Digi-key lists a few - from US$10.00 to US$60.00 apiece.  (In
quantities of 10 or more.)  Wow. That's an expensive vote.  Tell 
me they're not that much...

There must be a cheaper alternative with Linear Tech, Maxim, NatSemi,
Motorola, and TI pumping out switching regulator chips.
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