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MIPS R3k simulators

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: MIPS R3k simulators
From: toz!cyberman@acsu.buffalo.edu (Cyberman)
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 93 15:50:52 EDT
Organization: The Tower of Zot - (716)8338-616
Uh anyone out there know of an R3k simulator we can run on a PC?

and to the person who is investigating the IDT 3730, when you get the 
data sheets, mind scanning them and sending them as a GIF or "FAX" or EPS 

As for the display buffer, the question is what price will there be for 
using a coprocessor based chipset for display?  IE COST.  The indication 
is that it may be SIGNIFICANTLY more.  The quantities we are talking 
about may be < 50 chipsets thus the cost may be rather high.  Besides SMT 
will be a pain to work with. (grin)

I like the idea of using the IDT 3051 etc simply because  they are PLCC 
packages and can be socketed for later upgrade.  However if the R4k is as 
cheap as  an R3-3051 clearly that would be a better move.


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