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Bootstrapping [was: IDT 3730 peripheral interface chip]

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Bootstrapping [was: IDT 3730 peripheral interface chip]
From: Tommy Thorn <tthorn@daimi.aau.dk>
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1993 09:47:33 +0200
Reply-to: Tommy.Thorn@daimi.aau.dk
Jeremy Fitzhardinge writes:
 > Neil Russell bubbles:
 > > The decision now is whether we go for it now, using PALs, or wait
 > > 6 months and use what's available then.  If we wait, there could be
 > > a real possibility of using the R4200 and getting some real
 > > performance.  Given the speed that this project is going, it could
 > > well be 6 months before we are ready anyhow, in which case we
 > > should design now with the release date set some time around X-mas.
 > > Comments?

I'd say go for it. The R4x00 would make the motherboard much
more attractive. I agree that chances are we ain't gonna finish
our motherboard before that anyway.

 > Getting any kind of OS up is going to take at least a couple of months
 > to get a simple framework up, and more to get a usable system (at a
 > rough guess).  It seems important to get a prototype system up quickly
 > for doing software on, even if the first saleable thing is not until
 > next year.  I don't think much can be done without hardware, tho the
 > assembler code can be rewritten and the kernel can be got compilable,
 > given a reasonable spec of the hardware.
 >      J

Lately I've been considering setting up a software simulator (like
they did in the famous smart frame buffer paper).

Using gcc+binutils to build a cross compiler and a tweeked version
of spim, we could headstart things like porting libc.

As we approch final specs more hardware could be emulated by
spim. I might have limited access to a mips machine, so I'll
start setting up a cross compiler.



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