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Re: video (and more)

To: riscy@pyramid.com, ronald%csunix.urc.kun.nl@kunrc1.urc.kun.nl
Subject: Re: video (and more)
From: wolff@liberator.et.tudelft.nl (Rogier Wolff)
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 93 09:32:06 +0200
Everyone is discussing the merits of a graphics coprocessor. 
Some people argue that the R3000 will saturate the memory bandwidth anyway,
so it will be just as fast as a dedicated graphics coprocessor.
Other argue that in the time that the coprocessor is doing things, the 
R3000 would be free to do other things. 

The current tendency is that the graphics moves from dedicated graphics
processors to the main processor. This is because they can sustain the 
same graphics performance as the graphics processors. On the other hand,
if you want 150% performance (that is I estimate the "help" of the graphics
coprocessor at half the power of the main CPU.), why not invest in a 
processor that is 1.5 times faster? In this case the main processor will also 
run your applications 1.5 times faster.



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