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Re: video

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: video
From: berge@sierra.nl (Wim van den Berge)
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 93 16:31:14 +0200
--- Rogier Wolff wrote ---

> We have an SGS Thompson G335 chip here. It has 100 pins, and is fully
> integrated: timing, color palette, shift control. Runs upto 135 MHz,
> However it is not available in PGA or PLCC, but only in flatpack.
> This to tell you that you can fit an integrated solution in around 100
> pins.

--- end ---

>From the description (timing + color palette + shift register) it
looks to me like you are still missing the SVGA controller with the
hardware accelerator. To my knowledge SGS never made a SVGA
controller before. They are already for many years a Color DAC

I think that this G335 is something similar to what Music
Semiconductor provides = a color DAC + frequency synthesizer (PLL)
for generating the pixel clock (to the shift register) and
probably the memory clock.

Cirrus (and Sierra) decided to skip this type of product and go straight
to a fully integrated solution, that also includes the SVGA
controller and the accelerator.

It would be nice to have a look at the SGS data sheet. Rogier if you can
get me a copy, it would be greatly appriciated

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