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Subject: Re: FDC/UART
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Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1993 15:39:09 -0500 (CDT)
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> > [stuff regarding the SMC Super I/O FDC/UART/IDE chip deleted]
> >
> > That's GREAT!!
> >
> But using this chip should *not* force another discussion wether
> we need SCSI or not. SCSI is a *must* and is already accepted,
> so far I know.
> This chip just offers the choice between SCSI and IDE drives,
> and this by accident. If there were the same chip without IDE
> for $5 less, I would take it. But this isn't the case.
> The chip will save one ISA slot. It will save one double-UART
> or two single-UARTs, it will save two 20pin DIL-parts, it will
> save a FDC and it will save some glue. I would say, it *does*
> save real estate for a reasonable price.
> Cheers,
> Andy
Yes!  This is exactly my thinking.  This chip gives us two fast
UARTS for no extra cost in board real estate.  As a _bonus_, it gives
us a bi-directional parallel port and a floppy controller for only
the cost of the connectors.  Even an IDE adapter if we can find room
for that connector, too.  I think this chip (what was it ??C655 ?)
is great, and will be a big help.

I also think it is great to have a manufacturer that is willing and
able to do surface mount, so that chips like this are accessible to
us.  Thanks, Andy!

I do _not_want_ to give up the ISA expansion bus.  I'm just concerned
that we're specifying a lot of _big_ connectors on a finite size
board.  These connectors are all through-hole, too, aren't they?
That means they take up space on both sides of the board, so you
can't even put surface mount parts on the other side of the board
from the connectors.

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