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Re: SMC Super I/O FDC

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: SMC Super I/O FDC
From: tim@ubitrex.mb.ca (Tim Braun)
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 93 15:45:09 CDT
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Electronic Buyer's News, June 28th, 1993, page 48. "SMC's Chips
Gather Steam" -
 "Earlier this month SMC shipped four new super I/O floppy-disk
  controllers for 2.88 MByte floppy-disk drives and high-performance
  16550-compatible UART's."  Two versions have parallel ports on-board.

            FDC    Uarts  Parallel   IDE   Game Pt Sel o/p  s/w config  US$
FDC37c651    y      450      y        y          n              y
FDC37c652    y      450      y        y          y              n
FDC37c661    4MB    450      y        y          n              y
FDC37c662    4MB    450      y        y          y              n

FDC37c663    4MB    550      y        y          n              y
FDC37c664    4MB    550      y        y          y              y
FDC37c665    4MB    550      ECP      y          n              y   23.00
FDC37c666    4MB    550      ECP      y          y              y

63/4/5/6 - +550's +Gp address o/p +internal drive swap +midi data rate

ECP means Extended Capability Parallel Port.  FIFO, DMA support, stuff
 like that.

All are 100 pin pqfp.

SMC contact - Richard Wahler (516) 435-6174.

The FDC connects straight to the Floppy Bus.  34-pin header.
The 16550's connect straight to rs-232 level translators.
 1488/1489 (+/- 12 Volts is on m/board), header/connectors req'd.
The parallel has a FIFO, connects straight to printer port
 (EMI RC network recommended.)

I like the MIDI data rate capability of the 63/4/5/6 series.  We probably
could save a buck or two by dropping ECP - using 63/64 instead of 65/66.

I suggest that andy@waldorf check his price on the fdc37c663.
My local distributor is not being responsive at all.  The parts aren't
on his price list.
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