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Re: MIPS R4200 / IDT3081 question

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Subject: Re: MIPS R4200 / IDT3081 question
From: caret@pyramid.com (Neil Russell)
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 93 19:13:49 PDT
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> What would having sockets for the 3081 and 4200 take 
> (provided that people aren't stupid enough to plug  
> chips in both sockets at the same time)?
> This would give us a working board *soon* so that Linux 
> can get ported and stable, and would allow an upgrade 
> path to the 4200 when MIPS finally ships it a year after
> the announced date :-)

Please don't forget that to design a board that has the option of
installing a R4200 (or any other part/subsystem), then that must be
tested.  To test it requires a chip!  In any case, who knows what the
bus interface is like on this chip.  If its much different from the IDT
(likely) then we have to have lots of logic to interface it, and thus,
lots of board space.  If we want to go with the R4?00, then we should
wait until it gets released, then start all of this again.

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