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Subject: Re: IDE/UART
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Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1993 20:04:15 -0500 (CDT)
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I said:
> > If this 37C665 can provide for 2 serial ports w/FIFO's, plus
> > parallel port, plus floppy, plus IDE, and we also have SCSI and
> > Ethernet, then what else do you want?  Forget the expansion bus.
> > 
Carlo responded:

> What if I want a sound card? Or a Data Aquistion(sp) card?  Then what
> do I do?  We need a bus of some sort or the system is locked in without
> expansion.  If that is the case count me out!
I'm not opposed to an ISA expansion bus.  Design is an art of
compromise and trade-offs.  If there is room on the board and in the
budget for an expansion bus, that's great.  But if most of the
_function_ of the expansion bus can be accomodated by this 100-pin
quad flat pack and a 22V10 and a bus buffer, then it's not
_such_a_disaster_ if there's not room for the expansion bus, or
perhaps only one expansion socket.

I'm trying to imagine who are the people who are going to use this
thing, and how are they going to use it.  My _guess_ is that the
people who want to do data acquisition will use a commercial PC, and
probably commercial software, for that.  On the other hand, various
sound cards or MIDI interfaces are probably something that would
interest the second wave of 'riscy owners' (the pioneers will be
pleased to get the thing to send and receive mail).

Let me know if I'm wrong.  I may be completely out of touch....

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