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Subject: Re: IDE/UART
From: Carlo J. Calica <calica@cae.wisc.edu>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 93 16:00:10 CDT
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> If this 37C665 can provide for 2 serial ports w/FIFO's, plus
> parallel port, plus floppy, plus IDE, and we also have SCSI and
> Ethernet, then what else do you want?  Forget the expansion bus.
What if I want a sound card? Or a Data Aquistion(sp) card?  Then what
do I do?  We need a bus of some sort or the system is locked in without
expansion.  If that is the case count me out!

> A big advantage is that the _minimum_ configuration is more
> complete, so all software developed for the machine can assume all
> this stuff is available.  This is the best argument for video on the
I completely agree.  Just don't kill any expansion possibilities.  It just
isn't worth it.  The complete min config is great from a driver point of
view but does tend to fix you on what you have now.  If the IBM PC didn't
have an expansion port we'd probably still have monochrome (not herc) or

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