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Subject: Re: IDE/UART
From: rei2!tsprad@uunet.UU.NET (6692)
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1993 14:41:58 -0500 (CDT)
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> > SMC FDC37C665
> > 
> > - 765 compatible FDC, able to r/w 2.88 MB floppys
> > - Two 16550 UARTS with 16byte send/rec. fifo
> > - bidirectional parallel port.
> > - IDE Interface
> > - comes in a 100pin QFP Package.
> > 
> > Price is around $23 in low quantities (1...10)
> > 
> I thought the idea was to use a ISA card for the FDC and parallel port.
> I'd like to see 16550s on the MB though.  If for anything developent
> reasons.  How much is a dual 16550 UART?  If the difference is small use
> the SMC FDC37C665. In any case, I'd like IDE available in some for so I
> can keep my HD. 
If this 37C665 can provide for 2 serial ports w/FIFO's, plus
parallel port, plus floppy, plus IDE, and we also have SCSI and
Ethernet, then what else do you want?  Forget the expansion bus.

A big advantage is that the _minimum_ configuration is more
complete, so all software developed for the machine can assume all
this stuff is available.  This is the best argument for video on the
motherboard -- everybody has the same video hardware, so everybody
can use the same video software.  It would be even nicer to be
assured that everybody has the same SCSI adapter, the same Ethernet
adapter, the same IDE adapter, the same floppy adapter, the same
serial ports and parallel ports.

With surface mount, the only problem becomes fitting all the
connectors on one board. ;-)

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