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Subject: Re: FDC/UART
From: kent@tifsim.pac.sc.ti.com (Russell Kent)
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 93 10:35:31 CDT
In-reply-to: <9307081338.AA15221@resi.waldorf-gmbh.de>; from "Andreas Busse" at Jul 8, 93 3:38 pm
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> For those thinking that 16450's aren't good enough,
> I've found something new:
> SMC FDC37C665
> - 765 compatible FDC, able to r/w 2.88 MB floppys
> - Two 16550 UARTS with 16byte send/rec. fifo
> - bidirectional parallel port.
> - IDE Interface
> - comes in a 100pin QFP Package.
> Price is around $23 in low quantities (1...10)
> What do you think about ?
> Andy
> Waldorf Electronics GmbH, R&D Department
> c/o Andreas Busse

I've been pondering the serial/parallel/IDE/FDC problem for a while now.
I had come to the conclusion that if the other SMC part was used, then
a separate 16550 part would almost certainly be needed.  This would not
be so bad though, since we would then have two "low performance" serial
ports (one for mouse, one for dot-matrix printer perhaps?), and two "high
performance" serial ports (one for high speed modem, one spare?).

The ability to use 2.88 Mb floppy drives is interesting but only as a
future capability (presently too little availability of drives and media).

The 16 byte depth of the FIFO (is that per port?) is a *requirement*
for *reliable* high-speed serial communication (well, I suppose that it
might still be reliable with as few as 4 bytes per port, but anyway).
High speed modems are getting fairly common, and null-modem SLIP (at
56 or 115 Kbaud) is not totally unreasonable if, for example, the other
machine hasn't got Ethernet.

What about availability of this part?

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