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Re: Ethernet stuff

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: Ethernet stuff
From: rm@eacpc4.tuwien.ac.at (Ralf Messerer)
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1993 15:39:50 +0100 (MES)
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Sender: riscy-request@pyramid.com
* DC-DC supply

We need an isolation between the interface and the tranceiver.
The NS-databook says that this is an IEEE802.3 requirement.
(Soory I don't have the IEEE802.3 paper)
But I think because of potential differences between different nodes.

* Memory interfacing

I think we can't use the bus mastering method.
The bus will be locked during a havy network load.
If we use the 8390 the DMA Control is not good, because it is very
difficult to implement locking strategies for the internal registers.
So my opinion is to take a dual portet RAM.

-Ralf                   (Ralf Messerer  rm@eacpc4.tuwien.ac.at)


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