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Re: Ethernet stuff

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Subject: Re: Ethernet stuff
From: Drew Eckhardt <drew@alta.cs.Colorado.EDU>
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 1993 04:23:02 +0100
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    >    Does "oem" mean some sort of reverse engineering or simply to buy them
    > Original Equipment Manufacturer - ie : do what everyone else did, 
    > and clone National Semi 8390 eval boards... 
    I see. Finally this *is* reverse engineering, but I don't mind...

Reverse engineering means taking another design and figuring 
out what goes into it, Nat. Semi GIVES the schematics, PAL
program, etc away...

    > You don't have to refresh DRAM, and for an 8K chip the price difference
    > won't be that noticeable.
    You mean SRAM, right ?

Yes - looks like I slipped and hit the 'D' adajent to the 'S'. 
    >     Please correct me if I'm wrong: What other supplies do
    >     we need than +5, -12 and +12 ? All these come out of
    >     a standard PC power supply.
    > 15V.
    Ok. What current ? If it's not that much, there might be
    a cheap solution. I'm gonna ask our analogue guys.

Whatever thinnet requires, I'll look in the Nat. Semi databook
when I get home.


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