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what parts ?

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: what parts ?
From: Andreas Busse <andy@resi.waldorf-gmbh.de>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 93 11:30:26 +0200
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Dear Mipsers,

I think it's time to make a list of parts we want to use so
that Neil and me (and perhaps others too, if they like)
can try to figure out costs.

I'll make a list of possible chips we may use.
Please add your wishes and/or suggestions here
so that we all have an overview.

Please leave that list complete, just add to it.
Sometimes it's very painful to scan thru 350 mails to see the history...

* SCSI controller

* Ethernet controller

* Ethernet glue

* Video Timing/RAMDAC:
        TI 34076


* serial/parallel:

* floppy controller
        SMC FDC37C651 (has two 16450 and parallel built in)


        4Mx9, 512Kx36, 2Mx36

* I/O Controller
        IDT 3730

* RTClock

* Keyboard controller

* GLUE (if there's something you don't where to put, put it here)

* Connectors
        9pin sub-D, 15pin sub-D VGA, 25pin sub-D, 5pin DIN (Keyboard),
        BNC, 15pin sub-D (AUI), ISA Conn., Power Supply Conn.,

I'm sure I have forgotten something :-)


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