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Re: MIPS R4200 / IDT3081 question

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Subject: Re: MIPS R4200 / IDT3081 question
From: hasse@inf.ethz.ch
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 93 11:25:56 +0200
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Until now I just listen what others said. Now Drew Eckhardt
suggested two sockets for CPUs. I like this idea but in a slightly
different way. Since I'm not an ee-guy I don't know about technical
issues. But what about a two processor system and who ever likes to
have more cpu-power plugs in another cpu. I like the responsiveness
(is this an english word) of multi-processor machines. Everything
runs much smoother. I'm not 100% aware of the impacts to Linux.
I know the best solution will be hard (multi-threaded kernel).
BTW, this will give us in case of a dump frame buffer (didn't we
have the idea of a second cpu for the video before) the scalability
depending on the money one wants to spend for the whole system.



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