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Subject: Re: misc stuff
From: Drew Eckhardt <drew@hazelrah.cs.Colorado.EDU>
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 1993 02:22:51 -0600
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    > - we should budget for appropriate filters and such for EMI.  If waldorf
    >   wants to sell this commercially it will have to pass VDE and/or FCC
    >   (or CISPR) and/or other agency approvals.  Does Waldorf have a 
    >   site where they can scan the unit? Or are they going to do their own
    >   layout and only test their version?
    Hell, I forgot about FCC.  Isn't that a requirement before any sales in
    the US?  I've only done designs for the Australian market which doesn't
    need FCC (or anything).  Has someone gone though this before?

I've bought PC boards, motherboards, etc, and none of them (except 
the modems, presumably because you plug them into phone lines) came with
FCC ID's or any other sort of FCC documentation.

So, I'm under the impression that individual components (ie, the 
motherboard) don't fall under the FCC's jurisdiction, just completed


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