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Re: misc stuff

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Subject: Re: misc stuff
From: Andreas Busse <andy@resi.waldorf-gmbh.de>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 93 09:34:42 +0200
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Hi everyone !

> - we should reserve an input or two for "manufacturing" jumpers
>   so that s/w can run some internal diagnostics and board test stuff

Good idea. That's what usually do to.

> - save a few bits to read the SIMM ID bits, so that s/w can know
>   what size DRAM is installed in each bank and 'do the right thing'

Good idea too. We have to find out how this could work.

> - a name for the %^*%(* thing, how about 'Foghorn' (after Foghorn
>   Leghorn of course)  If that is too Americentric, feel free to suggest
>   something else.  Waldorf Salad? LOAM (Linux on a MIPS)?

Hey, "Waldorf Salad" tastes good ! What's about "Salad box" instead
of "Pizza box" ? :-) I know, salad in a box is quite unusual, but
the whole thing is quite unusual, right ?
> - for serial/parallel ports on board, how about a 16C552 - two 
>   16550 uarts and a IBM compatible centronics parallel port with 8 bit
>   cpu interface.  Made by TI and others.  Also don't forget those
>   pesky line interface chips.

I am still thinking about the SMC FDC37C65x fdc/uart/parallel chip.
I'll try to find out the price today.

> - we should come up with a power budget to make sure we won't be 
>   overtaxing a standard PC power supply.

I doubt that the power consumption will be out of range as long
as we use high integrated cmos stuff.

> - does someone have a heat chamber to test this thing at elevated 
>   temperature for a while? It may be GPL h/w, but it doesn't have to
>   be flaky...

Well, we put the boards in our testrack among several other
things. There's enough heat...

> - think about cooling options for the CPU.  The 33MHz 79R3051E in the MJ
>   package runs pretty hot - I'm sure the 40MHz 3081E will really cook,
>   especially with more cache on chip.  I would plan on a heat sink and/or fan.
>   Don't burn your hands :-)

Heat sink is ok. If people feel the cpu is still too hot, they
can buy an icecap.

> - for debug, put some headers around the CPU for each pin.  If you only 
>   run the local bus to the 3730 it will be hard to hook a logic analyzer to
>  either the 3730 or the 3081 without using expensive test clips.

We might have some sort of "local bus" which means just a large
connector near the cpu with all important signals connected to it.
That should be sufficient.

> - we should budget for appropriate filters and such for EMI.  If waldorf
>   wants to sell this commercially it will have to pass VDE and/or FCC
>   (or CISPR) and/or other agency approvals.  Does Waldorf have a 
>   site where they can scan the unit? Or are they going to do their own
>   layout and only test their version?

Hmmm. Although (or because ?) our favourite product (a small synth expander)
is called MicroWave we have some experience with EMI, filters and so
on. I'll talk to our CAD guy. And, yes, we have a site where we
can scan the unit. 

> I don't want to rain on anybody's parade, but if this is to become a
> real product we should pay some attention to these real-world issues
> up-front.

Agreed !


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