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Re: Ethernet stuff

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Subject: Re: Ethernet stuff
From: Andreas Busse <andy@resi.waldorf-gmbh.de>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 93 09:42:46 +0200
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> One thought occured to me about Ethernet this evening - we will need
> to get a block of Ethernet hardware IDs.  These will have to be
> different for every board, and stored in a PLD or EPROM or EEPROM.
> Someone will have to make sure that there are no conflicts in the
> addressing scheme.  Anybody ever gotten a block of h/w IDs for
> ethernet? Got any to spare?

No, unfortunally we haven't some spare adresses. Neil, Pyramid
build workstations and the like, can you find out how to get
adresses ?

> Depending on how bad the ISA bus interface stuff gets, it might be
> worth the trouble to just "oem" an ISA card. :-()

Does "oem" mean some sort of reverse engineering or simply to buy them ?

> I haven't costed the following out, and it occurs in no particular
> order, but here goes: a simple on-board 16-bit ethernet would have the
> following major items (8-bit might save some glue logic and a SRAM,
> but it would not be a major cost savings, so why no throw it in...)

I like to see ethernet on board. People can leave the sockets empty
if want.

> - Controller chip
> - ENDEC (might be in the same pack as #1)
> - DB-15 connector
> - 2 8kx8 or 32kx8 SRAM for packet buffering (some controllers use
>  DRAM, but most use SRAM)
> - 20 MHz oscillator or crystal (maybe)

No, can be derived from the master clock (40 MHz)

> - PALs (2 or 3) for address decode & buffer arbitration
> - LEDs (fuer die blinkenlights :-)


> - bus buffers and latches
> - pulse xformer for isolation
> - serial EEPROM for h/w ethernet ID
> to add BNC you add to this:
> - coax xcvr chip
> - DC_DC converter module

Please correct me if I'm wrong: What other supplies do
we need than +5, -12 and +12 ? All these come out of
a standard PC power supply.

> - another pulse xformer or one a whole lotta jumpers
> - BNC connector


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