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Re: waldorf/board production

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Subject: Re: waldorf/board production
From: caret@pyramid.com (Neil Russell)
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 93 22:00:05 PDT
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> I haven't seen this hardware GPL, but I would want the following to be
> freely available:
> Schematics in a non-proprietary format (EDIF)

Schematics would be GPL.

> CAD data in a non-proprietary format (gerber)

waldorf are considering doing the PCB CAD, which means that this
and the gerber would not be covered by the GPL.

> All programmable logic in some format - be it ABEL, PALASM, CUPL
>   whatever

The stuff would be GPL'ed.  In short, anything that we design ourselves
is GPL.  Anything the production company does (Waldorf) belongs to them.
I think this is fine.  Once the schematics are right, its not too hard
to make a PCB.

> So what design systems are out there?  I have ViewLogic and Valid for 
> capture (at work).  Perhaps we could design the board using mostly free tools
> running under Linux on x86s?

Could 'ocean' (chip design software) be used to maintain schematics for
a board rather than a chip?

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