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Re: ease of implementation, optional features, etc.

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Subject: Re: ease of implementation, optional features, etc.
From: caret@pyramid.com (Neil Russell)
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 93 21:55:27 PDT
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> As for whoever said the solution could be under $30 on the motherboard
> - NOT!  most reasonable chips are $20-$30 in 1000s quantity - how are
> we going to get the whole shot in $30?

Will it be less than $120?  (The cost of a WD8003e)

> I will volunteer to design the ethernet I/F, although it will be
> tough to coordinate from CA.

Great.  I live near San Jose.  If you are close, we could get together.
I can provide access to some CAD software if you need it.

On the subject of CAD, there is that chip design CAD software 'ocean',
that apparently has schematic capture.  Does anyone know if that could
be used to do schematics of a board rather than a chip?

>  .......  I would propose a AUI/coax system 
> with an optional twisted pair interface unless the ethernet of choice 
> has twisted pair on-board.  I like the nat semi AT/LANTIC since it is
> based on the venerable 8390 and has twited pair already.

My pick is for a AUI/coax.  AUI to twisted transcevers can be had cheap.

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