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waldorf/board production

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: waldorf/board production
From: adyer@zarniwoop (Andrew Dyer)
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 93 10:04 PDT
In-reply-to: Bill Broadley's message of Tue, 6 Jul 1993 10:29:00 -0500 (EDT) <9307061429.AA06657@gossip.pyramid.com>
Reply-to: riscy@pyramid.com
Sender: riscy-request@pyramid.com
I haven't seen this hardware GPL, but I would want the following to be
freely available:

Schematics in a non-proprietary format (EDIF)
CAD data in a non-proprietary format (gerber)
All programmable logic in some format - be it ABEL, PALASM, CUPL

So what design systems are out there?  I have ViewLogic and Valid for 
capture (at work).  Perhaps we could design the board using mostly free tools
running under Linux on x86s?


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