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Re: Board production WHOOAAA!

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: Board production WHOOAAA!
From: Dan Fishman <dfishman@csn.org>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1993 16:29:14 -0600 (MDT)
In-reply-to: <9307061439.AA08211@gossip.pyramid.com> from "Bill Broadley" at Jul 6, 93 10:38:53 am
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> > 
> > How did we suddenly get a commercial exploitation of this voluntary effort
> > in the picture!  If we are opening the floor for commercial bidders, I 
> > suggest we do just that!!! OPEN THE FLOOR!
> Since a company offered to provide free serivces to help in a GPL design
> of a mips based unix box.  If you find others please let us know.

May I suggest that when logic design are completed that we offer that level
of design to any fab shops who wish to layout and fab some prototypes.  I
may offer up such a bid through subcontractors if I get commercial value from
the design in other markets (free service to the netters).  I thought I
understood that their offer for free service was in exchange for some marketing
rights to the product.  Perhaps I misunderstood what they were getting in

> > Don't get me wrong, I am all for commercial exploitation... if those 
> > exploited
> > earn something for their labors (its called a job)!  Volunteers should have 
> > a 
> > clear picture of who is gaining from their altruism.
> This is true, but those volunteers also have to appreciate services
> that aren't for free like building a motherboard with SMT chips.

Even volunteers get something back (a free board or at least at component
costs... pride... credit for a job well done... accomplishment...).  I
guess I'm wondering what other benefit this one "volunteer" is getting
in return... it sounds far more tangible than these other benefits.  That
is fine but perhaps others would offer even more "free" service in exchange
for material (commercial) benefits.

> > If we are entertaining bids for commercial partners who earn profit by
> > moving this board and Linux port into commercial areas, then perhaps we
> > should set some guidlines for such bids and accept open public (net email)
> > bids. 
> By my understanding Waldorf has offered to help in the design for free.
> Since it's going to be GPL you can easily request the design and build
> it yourself.
> > I for example may be interested in such a venture if there is
> > potential for profit!  I work as a contract SW jock and have in the past
> > collaberated with HW jocks and FAB shops for PCB production.
> Well help in the design (which has already been volunteered) and when
> production starts put in a bid.)

I already volunteered some time ago as a SW jock.  My point is that if
there are material/commercial gains in other HW related aspects of 
such voluntary efforts, I may seek to volunteer there as well.  I have
already had significant exposure to the IDT 3730 (under early non-
disclosure) and can probably be of significant help in using the chip
(both in HW and SW design).

> I would personally favor any board produced by design particpants 
> then a profit motivated source.

Again, perhaps I mi-understood... Isn't Waldorf "volunteering" in exchange 
for some commercial exploitation of the board?  Please help me understand
(no sarchasm intended... seriouly please explain).

> Waldorf has alot to gain from this, access to a mips designed
> motherboard for there own purposes, and we have alot to
> gain from them (access to there production facilities) sounds like
> a great partnership.    
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