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Re: Board production

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: Board production
From: Andreas Busse <andy@resi.waldorf-gmbh.de>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 93 17:58:37 +0200
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Dear Mipsers !

Sometimes response comes *really* fast :-)

I'll try to answer some questions now. I'll explain
details later because I'm a bit busy today and some
things aren't perfectly clear yet.

> >However, a possible scheme could be:
> >- Waldorf designs the PCB (this would be our part of CAD work)
> >- Waldorf produces either complete boards for the
> >  international market or complete boards only for
> >  the european market and partly assembled ones for
> >  oversea.
> >- SMD is now ok.

> Good. Does this change the current design proposal?

No. We will produce the board as specified by the
riscy group. I just have one wish: We need to have
on-board ethernet.

> >- We provide warranty and email support.
> >- Neil might be the USA distributor of the riscy board.
> >- The "virtual hardware GPL" stays intact.
> >- We do not claim any rights on the design violating the GPL.
> >- We would use the design as the base for some further
> >  development.

> Great news!! I wholeheartedly support this. Of course, I'm
> biased, as I vision myself going to Gemany to see and get the
> board. ;^) ;^) A trip to the US is too expensive.

You might need not to come to germany. Probably we will
sell the boards via mail-order or the like. But you're welcome !

> I couldn't find Waldorf on my (lousy) map, where about is it?

Yes, it's hard to find. You won't find it on a large-scale
european map or the like, probably not even on a german map.
Look for Koblenz and Bonn. Waldorf is exactly in between and
is *very*, *very* small. Only around 1200 lost soules live here...

> [...]
> If we are entertaining bids for commercial partners who earn profit by
> moving this board and Linux port into commercial areas, then perhaps we
> should set some guidlines for such bids and accept open public (net email)
> bids.  I for example may be interested in such a venture if there is
> potential for profit!  I work as a contract SW jock and have in the past
> collaberated with HW jocks and FAB shops for PCB production.

We do not claim the right to do manufacturing exclusively. Of course,
other companies still have the right to produce that board too.

> Everyone is excited at the new development that the Waldorf Electronics 
> company is willing to produce the board. 
> I think this is a positive development: This means that it becomes
> quite a lot more likely that this will not remain vaporware. 

In fact, we are interested to realize the board because of our
interest in a Linux port for mips. Without the board the port
will never happen. I don't doubt that the mips group is able
to make a good design, but there will be definitly some difficulties
to produce and distribute the boards.

Someone asked me (in german) why we are interested in that board
and if there will be any kind of audio on it.
Again, we plan a new kind of network-orientated synthesizer.
No matter what CPU will be on the board, the power will never be
sufficient to generate (not playback) sounds. Sound generation
will be done by some special proprietary hardware and requires
much more than a dumb stereo D/A chip. Therefore, we are not
interested in sound on the board, but we don't mind if the
riscy group wants to have it.
We are interested in the board and in supporting its development
because we are looking for a small, reliable kernel (called Linux)
and a high-speed hardware, preferrably mips-based, from which we can
start to make our own spin-off.

However, this is confidential and I simply can't tell you more.
Nevertheless, we will strictly take care of the GPL and we will
try to document our changes against the original riscy board,
but not before our project is ready and available.
This will take a while...

More Q/A tomorrow ?


Waldorf Electronics GmbH, R&D Department
c/o Andreas Busse
Neustrasse 9-12
D-5481 Waldorf
Phone:  +49 (0)2636-80294
Fax:    +49 (0)2636-80188
e-mail: andy@resi.waldorf-gmbh.de


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