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Re: Board production

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Subject: Re: Board production
From: Carlo J. Calica <calica@cae.wisc.edu>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 93 10:57:45 CDT
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>     - Waldorf produces either complete boards for the
>       international market or complete boards only for
>       the european market and partly assembled ones for
>       oversea.
> This is acceptable if the boards are sold to the Linux community 
> at cost + shipping expenseses.  
This would be great but I wouldn't expect it.  As long as everything is
make public (ie the schematics and PCB layout), others could produce the
boards.  This seems no different than what SLS and others are doing with
linux codes.  All for a profit.  Neil said they'd also be offering support.
If that is the case they deserve some profit.  Of course too much and no one
will buy.

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