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Board production at Waldorf.

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Board production at Waldorf.
From: wolff@liberator.et.tudelft.nl (Rogier Wolff)
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 93 16:20:50 +0200
Reply-to: riscy@pyramid.com
Sender: riscy-request@pyramid.com
Hi everyone.

Everyone is excited at the new development that the Waldorf Electronics 
company is willing to produce the board. 
I think this is a positive development: This means that it becomes
quite a lot more likely that this will not remain vaporware. 

we should note that for a commercial company, "cost-price" includes
things like overhead. Thus where the hobby-freaks say they can make
a PCB for a few tens of dollars, a company will calculate $$ board 
production, $$ solder bath repayment, $$ secretaries, $$ telephone 
costs, .....

In short the economists at a company are usually very good at finding
"reasonable" costs that have to be calculated into the costprice. This
way even the cost-price will prove to be more expensive than we tought.

Anyway, for me this is a clear sign that this discussion might turn from
vaporware into hardware!!! (and that's what we all want :-)



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