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Re: General issues

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Subject: Re: General issues
From: hodgen@informatik.uni-koblenz.de
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 93 12:48:08 MET DST
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>       *  Peripheral controller
>               Should we use the IDT 79R3730, or design our own?
>               Should we use a IDT 79R3041 CPU as an I/O controller?

>From the discussion here the IDT 79R3730 seemed the best idea. But I'm not an
expert here so ...

>       *  Should we have an ISA bus or a simpler bus?
>               ISA is more practical, but a new simple 8-bit bus is
>               cheaper and free of the ISA IBM-ness.

ISA, definately.

>       *  Should we have SCSI?
>               SCSI for this board will probably be much cheaper and
>               probably faster than something like Adaptec.

Absolutely necessary.

>       *  Should we have video?
>               Video is looking to be the most expensive option on
>               the whole board, but some say its essential.

Yes, this should be on board. It makes more sense and is easier later on. There
is then a video standard.

>       *  Should we have ethernet?

Yes. I feel this should be the first to disappear if the design gets too
expensive but it should at least be there as sockets on the board.

I hope this helps. Perhaps we should take a proper vote on it.

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