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Ethernet on the motherboard?

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Subject: Ethernet on the motherboard?
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Date: Sun, 4 Jul 1993 15:47:32 -0500 (CDT)
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Neill said:
> Opinion as to whether Ethernet is needed at all seems to be split
> roughly 50-50.  For a good deal of us, this will be a super-fast
> workstation in some small desk in the corner of our bedroom.
> The only connection to the outside world would probably be a modem.
> These people couldn't care less about Ethernet.  Others will connect
> this to a small, or large network of workstations, and for them,
> Ethernet is absolutely essential.  Others may use this as a diskless
> workstation (read X-terminal), and then Ethernet is central.
> There is enough bias in the above ramblings to anger anyone who doesn't
> agree with me, which is exactly what I want.  Tell me why I'm wrong?

There is so little bias I can't tell if I agree or not.  I _think_
you're suggesting that Ethernet-on-board would be nice, but not as
easy as SCSI, and probably not worth the effort.  Since I can't
volunteer to design an Ethernet adapter (I am, after all, just a
software weenie) I have to agree:  Ethernet is nice but not
important to me.

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