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General issues

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Subject: General issues
From: caret@pyramid.com (Neil Russell)
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 93 21:24:29 PDT
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Sender: riscy-request@pyramid.com
Much discussion on the list has resulted in most people almost agreeing
with everyone else.  There are still small differences which reflect
each person's intended use of this system.  A final solution will not
result unless everyone is willing to compromise.

Many of the small details, such as how many serial ports, parallel
ports, floppy, etc have essentially been voted on.  The major issues
however must now be resolved.  Below is a list of topics that must
be resolved before we can start to create schematics:

        *  Peripheral controller
                Should we use the IDT 79R3730, or design our own?
                Should we use a IDT 79R3041 CPU as an I/O controller?
        *  Should we have an ISA bus or a simpler bus?
                ISA is more practical, but a new simple 8-bit bus is
                cheaper and free of the ISA IBM-ness.
        *  Should we have SCSI?
                SCSI for this board will probably be much cheaper and
                probably faster than something like Adaptec.
        *  Should we have video?
                Video is looking to be the most expensive option on
                the whole board, but some say its essential.
        *  Should we have ethernet?

Other issues such as keyboard, RTC, NVRAM, serial, parallel, floppy
disk drives, ISDN, SNA, T1 and the Coke machine interface are not that
important until these issues are resolved.  Please address yourselves
to these issues so that we can come to a decision in the next week or

Neil Russell            (The wizard from OZ)
Pyramid Technology                      Email:  caret@pyramid.com
3860 N. First Street                    Voice:  (408) 428-7302
San Jose, CA 95134-1702                   FAX:  (408) 428-8845


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