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Video hardware for r3K project

To: riscy@pyramid.com (project riscy)
Subject: Video hardware for r3K project
From: ronald%csunix.urc.kun.nl@kunrc1.urc.kun.nl (Ronald Schalk)
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1993 16:52:00 +0200 (CET)
Wouldn't it be possible to use a graphics coprocessor in a "dumb" way?
e.g. I have a diamond speedstar 24x with a wd90c31 processor. This
is an enhanced wd90c30 with bitblt & linedrawing (I believe??). But
in most systems it's used as a dumb wd90c30, maybe there are more of 
these processors. This way you could write in a short time a driver
for the dumb way, and when everything works ok, it's possible to
write an optimised driver for the hardware.

Just hinting, I'm not a hardware person.

Ronald Schalk

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