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My wishlist..

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: My wishlist..
From: tor@tss.no (Tor Arntsen)
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1993 16:11:14 +0200
Ok, as everyone now comes up with their wishes, here are my quick ones:

* I want to be able to keep the board for a while, by that I feel that
  some expandability is mandatory.
  The CPU will be limited from the start to a 3081 at best, nothing to
  do here.  But I feel that limiting memory to 64MB max is not a good
  idea.  That means 32 SIMM sockets, right?  Even 128MB may be too
  little after a while, it's sad that the 3730 does not support > 4MB DRAM.
  But I think I can live with the thought of max 128MB.

* If there will be ISA then DMA devices should be on the main board because
  of the 16MB addressing limit of the ISA bus, i.e. SCSI should be
  on the main board (but almost everyone has settled on this anyway?).
  This is just because I feel it is a pity to have to do a CPU copy
  operation after the DMA, that's what DMA was invented for; to avoid
  loading the CPU with the I/O. (I know a memcopy goes quite quick with
  newer CPUs, and I can live with doing this for devices using DMA for
  small small buffers :-)

Just my 0.02 whatever..
Tor (tor@tss.no)


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