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TMS340X0 - TI will no longer manufacture

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: TMS340X0 - TI will no longer manufacture
From: toz!cyberman@acsu.buffalo.edu (Cyberman)
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 93 01:23:22 EDT
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I'm sure some of you know this BUT just in case.
TI has anounced it will be droping the 34k series graphcs processors in 
favor of a set that is less pixe oriented and more raster ops oreinted.
They said they would support the 34k but that they are phasing them out 
into a more "windows" style acelerator.  At this point I suggest the real 
place to look for graphics acelerators et al would be some of the new 
chip sets tthat are being offered.  Cirrus is offering several FAST 
acelerated chip sets.  

I think using a "smart" controler is a nice idea but dumb ones are EASIER 
to program for.  (Just my experience at least).  One can boost 
performance other ways, than just using a graphics coprocessor.  (DMA for 
pixels would be one).


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