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Re: Response to lots of mail

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: Response to lots of mail
From: Hannu.Savolainen@cs.Helsinki.FI (Hannu Savolainen)
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 93 11:08:36 EET DST
In-reply-to: <9306290156.AA26387@sword.eng.pyramid.com>; from "Neil Russell" at Jun 28, 93 6:56 pm
> I don't think that we need to spend much money on sound.  I am currently
> figuring on a bunch of resistors to make a real cheap DAC.  Having an
> ISA bus sovles the problem for guys that want better sound.
A cheap DAC without DMA capability is not a solution. The driver for it
will have to serve 8000 to 44100 interrupts per second with almost zero
interrupt latency (Linux/486/50 can't do this).
I think the ISA bus based solution is best if we want sound
capabilities. Designing a DAC suitable for sound output is not as simple
as it looks. An almost unmeasureable break in the data flow produces an
annoying click. It's better just to drop the sound capabilities if we
don't have the ISA bus or to desing a GNU soundcard as a separate



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